“After” has officially signed a movie deal.
The worldwide Wattpad phenomenon that is “After”, will be hitting the big screen in the future.

The fanfiction first came to our attention when it reached over 1 billion views on Wattpad, and writer Anna Todd was inundated with book deals from hopeful publishing companies.

Beyond Anna Todd’s wildest dreams, the fanfiction has since been made into a novel and is now set to make it’s film debut.

Anna Todd revealed on Twitter last night that she has signed a deal with Paramount for the film to hit the big screen.

She wrote: “In case you haven’t heard… Paramount acquired the rights to After!!!

“I am so happy and so excited to finally tell you! I just want to thank you guys so so much for always supporting me and loving Hessa and being such a huge part of this crazy journey with me!”

Thanking her fans and fellow Directioners for their support, Anna added: “We all did this together, if you clicked on a chapter, if you voted, if you made edits and Manips and fan accounts and videos, this is for you!”

She revealed that although the movie is of coursed based on Harry Styles, he will not be mentioned: “The name Hardin will be used (obviously, this is a fictional story, not the actual Harry so the book and movie with be Hardin Scott) and I can’t wait to see it on the screens!

“I never expected when I joined this fandom almost 3 years ago that this would come of it. Some of you have been here since Perfect and it just is so crazy that this all has happened.”

And finally, Anna concluded: “I love the boys, and you guys and I’m so grateful for everything. Never give up on your dreams because mine came true and so can yours!!”

It’s crazy how all of this has happened because of a fanfic, but we’re super happy for Anna!

We’re so excited to see the movie! Are you?