It’s not often that Harry Styles gets it wrong in the fashion department.

But this time, he got it so wrong.


He likes to stand out in the fashion game, and has often been known to set a few trends himself. But, that proved to be a bit of a disaster yesterday.

The boys headed over to the ITV studios in London to pre-record their performance for The X Factor, to be aired for next weekend.

Just as they’d got their performance polished off, they apparently had to record the whole thing again – because Harry turned up in completely the wrong outfit!

According to The Mirror, a source revealed: “He was wearing white and then they did it again ‘cos he needed to be in black like the rest of the band.”

Typical Harry! The one time that he just didn’t need to stand out, he goes and does exactly that!

We’re not exactly sure why nobody noticed that Harry was wearing white before they recorded the first performance though, we’re sure that would have saved quite a bit of time.

The boys have been all over The X Factor this year, showing their support for the contestants. In particular, Louis’ love for Jack Walton who sadly got eliminated at the weekend.

But, it looks like Harry’s favourite contestant on the show has been revealed – as he posed for a picture with Stevie Ritchie backstage at the weeekend!

We’re guessing Harry’s rooting for Stevie, then!

One Direction will perform on The X Factor UK on Sunday night (9th November) and we can’t wait!

Will you be tuning in?