One Direction could be sticking around for a whole lot longer!


As we already know, the boys have signed a 6-album contract, as well as a greatest hits compilation album.

Which means after they release ‘FOUR’ in November, there’s still at least another two albums in the pipeline.

But, in even more exciting news – we could be getting yet another TWO albums from the boys, if they sign a new contract!

According to the Daily Star, Simon Cowell is desperate to keep One Direction signed to SYCO for as long as possible, and is talking about extending their record deal.

A source from the record label told the Daily Star: “One Direction are big business and Simon and co are desperate to keep the money-making machine going for as long as possible.

“The £2.5million would be a signing on deal before they get the cut of royalties, songwriting and PRS.”

They added: “The concert deals would remain separate. The negotiations are already in the very early stages and are being kept top secret.”

Of course, this means that nothing has been agreed or signed yet, but it’s sure looking promising!

With an extra two albums, we’re talking about having One Direction around until at least 2017/2018 which is definitely something we’re up for!

What do you guys think?