Just ten days before its official release, ‘Four’ has unfortunately been leaked.


However, don’t worry. The leak isn’t as big as the one for ‘Midnight Memories’.

When the band’s third album was leaked, each track was available to listen to in high quality. This time, it’s nowhere near as bad.

Despite not going on sale until the 17th, a store in Brazil put “Four” out for sale yesterday! Brazilian fans flocked to get their early copies, before the mistake was realised.

The fans have kindly not ripped the tracks off the CD and uploaded them in full, but have instead put up short bad quality recordings.

We’d much rather wait until the actual album is out, and enjoy the songs how they are meant to sound!

There’s only ten days left now until the album goes on sale, and between now and then, we’re set to get four more tracks early, for those who have pre-ordered it.

This follows the early release of “Ready To Run” yesterday, after fans unlocked the track on Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr and Instagram as part of the #FOURTAKEOVER.

Check out ‘Ready To Run’ in the post below