Are you ready to see the cutest One Direction selfie ever? Prepare yourselves…


OH EM GEE. Can we all just take a moment for that?

Now, we’ve all seen One Direction’s selfies, and we love them. But, just when we thought the boys couldn’t get any cuter, Jimmy Kimmel pulls it out of the bag.

This might all seem a little strange, but their aim was to take the #cutestselfieever and what better way to do that than using the cutest boys in the world EVER?

We’ve got Liam in an oversized fluffy Pharrell-style hat, holding a tea cup with two ADORABLE kittens in and a teddy giraffe.

Niall looks like a princess in his tiara, while petting a UNICORN. Ok, it’s not actually a unicorn but we can dream.

Then we have Zayn who unfortunately refused to wear his tiara, in fear of messing up his hair, and tried to pass it off on everyone else. But, he IS holding a zebra teddy so it’s ok.

Louis also wasn’t a fan of his party hat, so opted to stick it on his teddy instead.

Stealing the show, though, is Harry in his pink feather boa holding the cutest dog EVER, with his very own mini Harry! Gah!

Of course, we can’t forget the adorable baby dressed as a cherry and the two ballerina twins. This really is the cutest selfie EVER!

Check out the video below to see how this came about:

How cute is that?!