American TV got a blast of boy-band heaven on Friday, as the five famous lads in One Direction visited the set of “The Ellen Show.”

Hostess Ellen DeGeneres welcomed Niall, Louis, Liam, Zayn and Harry to pile onto her couch for a chat — including a selfie shot during the show with the world’s cutest-and-cuddliest band.

And during the program, Ellen got the guys to loosen up by asking them if they ever get to lead “normal lives” anymore.

For instance:

Does 1D ever get to go out in public?

“I mean, we do, everywhere,” confessed Harry. “We try to. I think people think of us as, like crabs,” Harry laughed. “[We] just stay in and then come out and work.”

“Like crabs?” Ellen asked Harry, looking askance as Harry’s mates all snickered. “Crabs was a bad example,” she said. “I would say next time you tell the story, be something like a panda bear.”

The guys were then asked if they’re able to go out dressed in disguises.

“The thing is, with a disguise,” they confessed, “it’s far too embarrassing if you’re caught wearing [it]!”

Zayn Malik was then quizzed on his long-time engagement to Little Mix’s Perrie Edwards, and admitted they STILL don’t have any permanent plans for their wedding day.

“I’m engaged,” was all The Zaynster would admit. “I’ve had a few questions about plans for the marriage, but there are none yet.”

On December 20th One Direction will star as the musical guests on late-night American TV’s iconic “Saturday Night Live,” in an episode hosted by Oscar-nominated actress Amy Adams. They’ve appeared on the show for the last two years and it’s been unmissable viewing, make sure you stick a reminder in your phones!