Wherever One Direction go, you can guarantee that they’re not too far away from a bunch of fans hoping to snap a quick selfie with them.

We see hundreds of pictures of the boys with fans, and looking more than happy to do so.

However, a new video has surfaced online of Liam Payne stopping for selfies with fans at the ARIA Awards last night, looking a little less than impressed.

You can see in the video that Liam makes his way down the queue, grabbing phones and donning a fake smile for a few seconds, before swiftly moving on to the next fan.

There’s no real enjoyment in Liam’s face, and little to no interaction with the fans. Check out the video below:

Of course, Liam has been getting tons of hate for this online, but is that really necessary?

Sure, he looks a little fed up with the whole process but would you not be if you were taking one selfie after the other?

There’s many celebrities that would not even go to this much effort to meet their fans, and just breeze straight past them.

The way we see it, is that Liam had a choice – he could have ignored the fans, or gave them the one moment that they had waited hours in line for. And he chose to be kind.

At these types of events, the boys are usually pushed for time so he’s simply just trying to get a selfie with as many fans as possible – we can’t slate him for that, surely?!

Maybe this was just a particularly bad day for Liam, and he didn’t feel like wearing a smile all day – we all feel like that at some point.

What we’re trying to say is, Liam is only human and we have no idea what’s going on in his life, so if he’s not feeling particularly smiley that day, then that’s fine.

What do you guys think?