Zayn Malik has been visiting the tattoo parlour again.

As if he didn’t already have a pretty big collection of bodily inkings, he’s gone and got another one.

This time, he’s opted for a rather large design on his left hand so we sure hope he likes it because that will be a tricky one to try to hide if he changes his mind.

He got the tattoo at Bondi Ink, where the mandala was designed and inked by tattoo artists Shaun Bones, who tweeted the following picture:

He added the caption: “A better look at Zayn’s custom mandala I designed and tattooed on his hand. No pressure at all!” This was a few days after he posted a photo of both Zayn and Louis at his tattoo parlour, showing that Louis also opted for a few new inkings on both of his arms.


He added the caption: “So I tattooed Zayn’s hand from @onedirection no big deal!”

We can’t quite tell what Louis’ tattoos are of yet, but they look a little tender!

The boys have a pretty extensive collection of tattoos between them, with Harry Styles in the lead with over 55 tattoos.

Do you think the boys’ tattoo obsession is going too far?