WOAH… What’s that?! One Direction’s ‘On The Road Again’ tour has been cancelled?!

Well, no it hasn’t. Don’t worry.


We all know how things can get a little out of hand in a matter of seconds on Twitter, when a few fans seem to have nothing better to do with their time than make up One Direction rumours.

So, when we saw that ‘#OTRAIsCanceled’ was trending worldwide on Twitter earlier today, we weren’t as alarmed as we probably should have been.

That’s because, for one it’s clearly been misspelled – so we don’t know how it’s a successful trend anyway – and two, that would NEVER happen. We hope.

Of course, it’s the usual fake One Direction rumour, apparently started by Brazillian fans, that attempts to send Directioners into a frenzy – but we ain’t stupid.

So thanks to the fans who weren’t fooled by the trend, we got quite a bit of enjoyment out of looking through the #OTRAIsCanceled feed today.