As you can probably tell, it’s been a slow news day…


There’s no real breaking One Direction news, which is why we’re writing about Liam Payne going to the toilet, and Louis Tomlinson watching him.

But actually, that makes for quite an interesting story…

The One Direction boys are very close and they spend a lot of time together, especially on tour. So it will come as no surprise that they can tend to have the odd mishap, and have walked in on each other naked many times.

That’s a standard occurrence for the One Direction boys, but things get a little weirder when they actually start to watch each other peeing.

They were asked by Metro “When was the last time one of you walked in on the other naked?”

Presumably, Louis likes to do his toilet business with no clothes on as he responded with: “Someone just walked in on me having a wee, actually.”

Liam wasn’t letting Louis doing the accusing though, as he pointed out that Louis actually has a bit of a tendency to do that, too!

“You walked past me having a wee the other day. The toilet in the hotel had a window and I was having a p**s and then I turned around and he was looking at me,” Liam said to Louis.

Totally defending his actions, Louis said: “A lot of hotels have windows in the bathroom.”

Looks like Harry has had his fair share of toilet interruptions too, as he chipped in with: “The Standard in New York has windows where you wee. It’s ridiculous.”

Err, we have no comment…