Ed Sheeran’s penned hundreds of songs from hundreds of different perspectives.


But the track Ed wrote for One Direction’s best-selling album “FOUR” was from a different perspective altogether.

You see, Ed wrote it thinking of what it was like to be a member of One Direction!

Ed confessed that “18” was composed as a fantasy of 1D’s experiences of being in the band.

The lyrics of “18” go:

“I have loved you since we were 18/Long before we both thought the same thing/To be loved, to be in love.”

Ed revealed recently to Yahoo: “I kinda wrote it from [One Direction’s] perspective.”

Previously, when asked about the tune he gave the band members, here’s what Ed told Capital FM:

“I’m really happy with the record that I wrote for them. It’s the first record I’ve actually specifically written for them…

“The other ones were my records that just didn’t make it only my album, just because I had too many slow songs. But this one, I remember I had a meeting with them and he said we need a song.”

He added: “And the day after I wrote it and sent it over, and they sound great on it! It’s good.”

Meanwhile, One Direction superfan @stylatorarmy is using the band’s fame to help raise funds for SANE, a worldwide mental health charity.

The Twitter user is trying to align fans of other celebs and superstar band to join together for his cause, which has the name #UniteForCharity.

Fans of other bands are asked to donate to the cause of healing mental health, and to make their own personal videos to boost support for the charity.