Over the past four years, One Direction have been through a LOT together.

But, nothing quite compares to this – their toughest interview EVER!

Last night, the boys aired their very first TV special over on NBC, in which they took part in a super bizarre interview – on a roller coaster!

It wasn’t any ordinary One Direction interview though – not just because it was on a rollercoaster – but because Liam Payne acted as the interviewer! Probably because they couldn’t get a professional interviewer who was daring (or stupid) enough to do such a thing.

So, the boys took turns to be thrown up in the air, twisting round and round whilst being asked some really quite ridiculous questions from interviewer Liam Payne.

The whole thing is just hilarious, and we actually think One Direction should take every interview on a roller coaster!

If there’s a next time though, Louis should really think about tying his hair back like his seemingly smarter bandmate Harry Styles….

Check out the funniest One Direction interview EVER:

Is that not the best thing you’ve ever seen?!