Liam Payne has just purchased for himself what may be the “best house ever.”


Seems the Paynster plopped down more than £5.1 million for a three-story super-mansion in Surrey.

According to friends and insiders in the band, Payne’s new home has an all-weather tennis court, an indoor home cinema, a heated outdoor swimming pool, a ballet studio, and a 700-bottle wine store.

The house is said also to come come with what friends say is “insane security.”

Liam purchased the home in Surrey only days after it was announced that One Direction’s 2014 world tour was the highest-grossing in pop music for the past year.

It was during last year also that Liam complained about Directioners showing up at the home where he grew up, in Wolverhampton, and clamoring to see the star.

Here’s what friends told The Sun newspaper about Liam’s new super-mansion:

“The security is insane. Every part of the house and grounds are in camera isolation zones, many heat and motion monitored.”

Meanwhile, another financial report about the lads came out last week, showing that each of the members of One Direction had earned nearly £6 million over the past year.

“Their earning power has rocketed over the past 12 months,” said a band source, speaking about the earnings figures.

One Direction’s earnings have done more than rocket — they have actually more than doubled, in the past two years.

Liam meanwhile remained mum on the subject of his new home on Twitter this week. He did however write this message to fans:

“Happy new yearrrrrr everyone thank you so much once again the best year of my life so far what will next year bring x.”