Picture this: last year at a One Direction concert in Murrayfield, security had to escort two young men off the premises.

The two men in question were not doing anything wrong. Their only offense? Looking so much like the actual Harry Styles and Niall Horan that they were causing a ruckus.

Since then, the two men joined up with three other guys and formed “One and Only Direction,” and One Direction tribute band that performs 1D songs at hotels, functions, nightclubs, and theater shows.

On Sunday night, the Daily Record wrote an article about One and Only Direction, sparking Directioners into an angry rampage.

The manager of One and Only Direction, Scott Garvie, contacted with Police Scotland after the band received death threats and the hashtag #STOPyouarenot1D began to trend on Twitter.

Garvie commented, “First of all we understand we are a tribute band and we take it as lighthearted and try to have fun. The boys are fans of One Direction and enjoy the music and we know that the majority of One Direction fans like what they do and we know there is a small minority of fans around the world who don’t grasp or understand the concept of a tribute being a celebration of them and their music.

“For people who can’t get One Direction tickets, it’s an option for them to see our band and that’s how we take ourselves—not too seriously.”

He continued, “This highlights how much online trolling and bullying there is and it is something us as a group may look at—trying to support and do something for charity. It’s been quite severe and it worried me to think that if a young person got two or three of the Tweets we got they’d have to be strong to deal with it.

“We’ve had death threats from people telling us to ‘go kill yourselves, kill your family, slit your wrists.’ This is only a small handful of tweets but some of them have been rather graphic. The boys understand and realize what is going on and are okay with it.”

Regarding his contact with the police, Garvie said, “We have been in contact with Police Scotland just to make them aware of what is going on and happening online and if it ever was to escalate…It’s really important people know we are fans of One Direction too and enjoy their music and pay to go to the concerts.”

So just remember, whether or not you enjoy One and Only Direction’s covers of 1D songs, make sure to treat them with respect and avoid tweeting death threats.