Has Zayn Malik had his private and personal nude photos leaked?

This is the photo that sent fans into a meltdown last night…


As we can see, the pictures show a man posing in nothing but his birthday suit, with his hair covering his face.

Of course, this photo could be of anyone but it does have some striking similarities to One Direction’s Zayn Malik. In particular, his tattoos.

At first glance, the tattoos seem to look remarkably like the Zaynster’s, but as you can see in the picture below, something seems to have gone wrong…


Now, this is starting to look like an obvious attempt to make Zayn Malik the latest victim of the celebrity nude leak scandal. But, it hasn’t really worked has it?

We can see that some tattoos don’t match up, and some aren’t even there.

The photo allegedly came from Perrie Edwards’ phone after her iCloud account was hacked, but fans aren’t buying it.

What this fake hacker doesn’t seem to know about One Direction fans is that they know EVERYTHING about the boys, and they’re pretty sure that this isn’t Zayn.

It was just yesterday that Liam’s girlfriend Sophia Smith allegedly had her nude pics leaked too.

Will this ever end?