One Direction’s fifth studio album is coming our way very soon…


After release of their fourth studio album “FOUR”, there was quite a lot of speculation around whether they would be releasing a fifth album or not.

Of course, we NEVER doubted that the boys would be releasing a fifth album – and now it’s been confirmed that they will be doing!

In fact, the boys are so keen to put out a fifth album that they’ve already started working on it.

“There has been a bit of a question about the timing of the fifth album,” an insider told The Sun: “But there was never any doubt it would be released, despite the ridiculous speculation.”

Of course, we never trust these sources one hundred percent but we’re certainly staying optimistic about this.

Apparently, the boys were planning on having some downtime for a bit, following the release of their latest album. Thankfully, they’ve gone against that decision and decided to get cracking in the studio!

The Sun’s source added: “Initially the guys thought they might want more time away from the studio because they’ve been busy promoting ‘Four’. But they’ve been itching to get back recording again because it’s what they love to do, so it’s full steam ahead.”

We’re SO excited for the boys’ fifth album!

What do you think it should be called?