Happy Birthday Zayn!!

Congratulations Zayn, 22 years! Hope you have a fantastic day, you deserve it! Love you! ❤️❤️






Zayn Malik “Nude Photo” Leaked From Perrie’s Phone Sparks Twitter Frenzy

Has Zayn Malik had his private and personal nude photos leaked?

This is the photo that sent fans into a meltdown last night…


As we can see, the pictures show a man posing in nothing but his birthday suit, with his hair covering his face.

Of course, this photo could be of anyone but it does have some striking similarities to One Direction’s Zayn Malik. In particular, his tattoos.

At first glance, the tattoos seem to look remarkably like the Zaynster’s, but as you can see in the picture below, something seems to have gone wrong…


Now, this is starting to look like an obvious attempt to make Zayn Malik the latest victim of the celebrity nude leak scandal. But, it hasn’t really worked has it?

We can see that some tattoos don’t match up, and some aren’t even there.

The photo allegedly came from Perrie Edwards’ phone after her iCloud account was hacked, but fans aren’t buying it.

What this fake hacker doesn’t seem to know about One Direction fans is that they know EVERYTHING about the boys, and they’re pretty sure that this isn’t Zayn.

It was just yesterday that Liam’s girlfriend Sophia Smith allegedly had her nude pics leaked too.

Will this ever end?

Scottish One Direction Tribute Band Receives Hate From Directioners

Picture this: last year at a One Direction concert in Murrayfield, security had to escort two young men off the premises.

The two men in question were not doing anything wrong. Their only offense? Looking so much like the actual Harry Styles and Niall Horan that they were causing a ruckus.

Since then, the two men joined up with three other guys and formed “One and Only Direction,” and One Direction tribute band that performs 1D songs at hotels, functions, nightclubs, and theater shows.

On Sunday night, the Daily Record wrote an article about One and Only Direction, sparking Directioners into an angry rampage.

The manager of One and Only Direction, Scott Garvie, contacted with Police Scotland after the band received death threats and the hashtag #STOPyouarenot1D began to trend on Twitter.

Garvie commented, “First of all we understand we are a tribute band and we take it as lighthearted and try to have fun. The boys are fans of One Direction and enjoy the music and we know that the majority of One Direction fans like what they do and we know there is a small minority of fans around the world who don’t grasp or understand the concept of a tribute being a celebration of them and their music.

“For people who can’t get One Direction tickets, it’s an option for them to see our band and that’s how we take ourselves—not too seriously.”

He continued, “This highlights how much online trolling and bullying there is and it is something us as a group may look at—trying to support and do something for charity. It’s been quite severe and it worried me to think that if a young person got two or three of the Tweets we got they’d have to be strong to deal with it.

“We’ve had death threats from people telling us to ‘go kill yourselves, kill your family, slit your wrists.’ This is only a small handful of tweets but some of them have been rather graphic. The boys understand and realize what is going on and are okay with it.”

Regarding his contact with the police, Garvie said, “We have been in contact with Police Scotland just to make them aware of what is going on and happening online and if it ever was to escalate…It’s really important people know we are fans of One Direction too and enjoy their music and pay to go to the concerts.”

So just remember, whether or not you enjoy One and Only Direction’s covers of 1D songs, make sure to treat them with respect and avoid tweeting death threats.

Liam Buys £5.1 Million Super-Mansion

Liam Payne has just purchased for himself what may be the “best house ever.”


Seems the Paynster plopped down more than £5.1 million for a three-story super-mansion in Surrey.

According to friends and insiders in the band, Payne’s new home has an all-weather tennis court, an indoor home cinema, a heated outdoor swimming pool, a ballet studio, and a 700-bottle wine store.

The house is said also to come come with what friends say is “insane security.”

Liam purchased the home in Surrey only days after it was announced that One Direction’s 2014 world tour was the highest-grossing in pop music for the past year.

It was during last year also that Liam complained about Directioners showing up at the home where he grew up, in Wolverhampton, and clamoring to see the star.

Here’s what friends told The Sun newspaper about Liam’s new super-mansion:

“The security is insane. Every part of the house and grounds are in camera isolation zones, many heat and motion monitored.”

Meanwhile, another financial report about the lads came out last week, showing that each of the members of One Direction had earned nearly £6 million over the past year.

“Their earning power has rocketed over the past 12 months,” said a band source, speaking about the earnings figures.

One Direction’s earnings have done more than rocket — they have actually more than doubled, in the past two years.

Liam meanwhile remained mum on the subject of his new home on Twitter this week. He did however write this message to fans:

“Happy new yearrrrrr everyone thank you so much once again the best year of my life so far what will next year bring x.”

Happy New Year! The Boys Thank Fans For An Amazing 2014

Here’s what the 1D boys were tweeting about over the New Year…


On New Year’s Eve, Harry wrote: “Thank you for this year to Mr. Lee Lodge.”

He added: “To everyone who has worked with us and supported us this year, thank you so much. We’re incredibly grateful for everything you’ve done. H”

“Be nice to everyone and do it five minutes early. Hope everyone has a lovely new year. Thank you for an amazing 2014. All the love .x”

As 2015 hit, he said: “Happy New Year.”

“It’s 2015.”

He also wrote: “Burger.”


On 30th December, Niall said: “Can’t sleep ! Bored shitless now !”

Moving onto the subject of football, he tweeted: “fans inevitably sacked managers thisChristmas ! Its ridiculous.Money is the reason they’re not keeping their jobs!So the board should be out”

“This thing of sitting in the stand as booing managers is madness, he needs money to buy players, he can only do the best with what he’s got”

Finally, he said: “quality from @dcfcofficial tonight ! Great way to end the year”

On New Year’s Day, he said: “Happy new year everyone ! Hope you all have a great year”


On 30th December, Liam tweeted: “Morning everyone almost new year”

He said on New Year’s Day: “Happy new yearrrrrr everyone thank you so much once again the best year of my life so far what will next year bring x”


Yesterday, Louis tweeted: “Happy new year everyone !! Thank you for being so incredibly supportive in 2014 ! Lots of love !!! X”

He also wrote: “Let’s help this incredibly inspirational family! What a beautiful little girl ! justgiving.com/RubyYoungJourney“


Once again, there were no tweets from Zayn over the last few days. He last tweeted on 21st December.

Could One Direction Be Hiring A Sixth Member For Their Next Music Video?

According to rumours circulating online, One Direction are set to hire a brand new member for their next music video! But who could it be?

We’ll give you a clue – the rumoured sixth member would be both the youngest and smallest member of One Direction. Have you guessed it yet? Don’t worry if not, because we’re going to tell you right now.

Zayn, Harry, Liam, Louis and Niall will apparently be joined in their next music video by… Eric Cowell. That’s right, Simon Cowell’s son might be starring in One Direction’s next official video video. How cute would that be?

Speaking to The Sun, an insider said: “Simon was saying how much Eric loves playing on his little drum set and how he is already into music. He said he’d like to see his son in a One Direction video and thinks it’d be hilarious.”

Watch out Josh Devine, it looks you’ve got competition from a new drummer and he’s coming for your job.

The source did however admit that Simon probably wasn’t being serious so who knows? We might never see Eric join the band for a day but if it was done in the right way, we do think that it could actually be pretty funny.

For example, Eric’s appearance could be quite fitting if the boys ever decided to release a music video for ‘Act My Age’. It’d relate to the track’s lyrics and after all, our boys certainly can be big kids at heart sometimes.

Would you like Simon’s son to be in the next 1D video? Let us know below!

1D Named 2014’s Best Group By Digital Spy – YEEEEHH

Directioners already know they’re the best, the biggest, the greatest, the most popular, the most dominating group in the pop music world.

But it was verified earlier this week by Digital Spy — which named our fave five guys in One Direction as the world’s Best Group, in their yearly Reader Awards.

Harry, Niall, Zayn, Louis and Liam beat out their buds in McBusted for the trophy in this year’s readers poll, as they were named by nearly a quarter of the site’s users as the world’s top pop group.

Coming in third was Coldplay, followed closely by Clean Bandit, and with Foo Fighters rounding out the top 5.

Digital Spy readers also named One Direction collaborator Ed Sheeran as the Best Solo Artist of 2014. Ed also triumphed in the Best Album category, for “X,” and in Best Song for “Thinking Out Loud.”

Here’s the full list of winners, along with the percentage of Digital Spy readers voting for them:

Best Group

1. One Direction – 23.9%
2. McBusted – 16.2%
3. Coldplay – 14.4%
4. Clean Bandit – 11.6%
5. Foo Fighters – 8.9%

Best Song

1. Ed Sheeran: ‘Thinking Out Loud’ – 18.3%
2. Ella Henderson: ‘Ghost’ – 15.2%
3. Sam Smith: ‘Stay With Me’ – 11.2%
4. Taylor Swift: ‘Shake It Off’ – 10.6%
5. Sia: ‘Chandelier’ – 8.7%

Best Album

1. Ed Sheeran: x – 23.2%
2. Sam Smith: In The Lonely Hour – 16.3%
3. Taylor Swift: 1989 – 12.8%
4. Ella Henderson: Chapter One – 8.4%
5. Take That: III – 6.0%

Best Male Solo Artist

1. Ed Sheeran – 31.5%
2. Sam Smith – 25.9%
3. Olly Murs – 14.6%
4. Pharrell Williams – 6.4%
5. Calvin Harris – 5.8%

Best Female Solo Artist

1. Taylor Swift – 28.4%
2. Ella Henderson – 20.3%
3. Katy Perry – 9.0%
4. Lana Del Rey – 7.0%
5. Sia – 6.8%

Speaking to Digital Spy about One Direction, Ed Sheeran also shared his views on 1D becoming an international sensation:

“I think it’s great for them to be at stadium level. I think it’s fantastic the success they’re having and really flying the British and Irish flag everywhere around the world. It was a very good thing!”