The Vamps’ James McVey Is Not Happy With The Louis And Zayn Video
The Louis and Zayn video has taken the world by storm and it seems that everyone has their own view on it.

Harry thinks what they did was reckless and stupid, while Louis’ dad thinks that fame and money has changed his boy and not for the good.

And now fellow boyband member James McVey from The Vamps has taken to Twitter to reveal what he thinks about the whole situation.

Just seen something that sucks. Hate seeing people ruin their careers.

To clarify, I love one direction… Just.not a fan off undermining authority. [sic]

It’s not that that frustrated me, it was how Louis was talking about the police… Went to a country and acted like that.

It doesn’t matter who you are or how old you are, if you’re a guest in a country you should respect the residents.

He’s definitely not impressed with the video then.

Although The Vamps haven’t been around that long, they do seem to have the whole clean-cut boyband thing down to a T and after James’ rant we can’t imagine them doing anything so silly anytime soon.

The big question is how many fans will One Direction lose from this video who will then turn to the likes of The Vamps, Union J and 5 Seconds of Summer instead.

This definitely won’t be the last we have heard about this situation as we expect the 1D management to make a full statement in the coming days.

Do you agree with James? Were Louis and Zayn being disrespectful to the Peruvian police?


Harry Styles Thinks Louis And Zayn Smoking Weed Is “Stupid” And “Reckless”

We all know what Zayn and Louis have done.

Well, unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past two days then you’ll know all about that video of them smoking a roll-up.

There’s been many a complaint from angry One Direction fans and celebs alike. But, just what does Louis and Zayn’s bandmate, brother and best friend think of all of this? (We’re talking about Harry Styles by the way.)

Well, apparently Hazza is pretty outraged by the whole thing. He is NOT happy.

Speaking to The Sun, a source has apparently revealed what Harry thinks of the situation. They said:

Harry is annoyed about the whole debacle. This should be one of the biggest weeks of the band’s career with the launch of their UK stadium tour. Instead it has been taken over by this controversy. Harry thinks it was a stupid and reckless thing for Louis to allow to be filmed in the first place.

Of course, those words haven’t exactly come from Harry’s mouth, so we don’t know how much to believe it. But, we’re sure that sweet little innocent Harry Styles wouldn’t condone his bandmates smoking Marijuana, right?

Definitely not, and apparently Harry has said that he just isn’t into that kind of thing. Thank god. The source added:

Despite Harry’s reputation, he’s incredibly professional and mature, and not into these sorts of antics.

We’re yet to hear anything from Zayn or Louis regarding the leaked video, but according to the source, Louis is a bit worried about how the whole thing has panned out.

The source revealed that Louis has been on edge ever since the video surfaced online, saying:

He was up checking his phone to see the reaction. He understands the whole world is talking and he is trying to work out how to limit the damage.

Yeah, the whole world really is talking about it. It’s all we’ve heard being mentioned for the past two days – we can’t wait until everyone is over it already.

We heard earlier today how One Direction might not be allowed into America thanks to the video, and The Sun’s source added that it is a real possibility that the US authorities could lay the law down.

Everything is about America. It would be a disaster if Zayn and Louis had problems. The authorities could make an example of them.

Yikes! Let’s hope it doesn’t go that far!

What do you think about the whole thing? Are you disgraced by what they have done? Or has it all been blown out of proportion?


USA Might Not Allow One Direction To Enter The Country Following That Video

Yesterday there was only one story the whole world was talking about.

It wasn’t that Niall had raised £300,000 for charity or that he was rumoured to have hooked up with Selena Gomez (which we think is a load of rubbish anyway) the whole focus was on Louis, Zayn and that video, which no doubt everyone has seen by now.

Following on from the video the boys have been criticised for a number of things in the video, as well as them smoking weed.

Louis is heard in the video saying ‘nig’ which clearly is not on, while Zayn is seen without his seatbelt on too.

But the overriding thing about the video is the boys smoking a joint.

Yes, they are only early 20′s and can do what they want, but when they are in such a high profile position with millions of Directioners hanging on their every word and move, they will have to do something drastic to reestablish their reputation.

Not only do they have that problem to deal with, but there is the strong possibility that Louis and Zayn could be banned from entering America if they admit to using drugs, which of course would cause a huge problem for the band as they have 39 dates on their ‘Where We Are’ tour based there.

The USA take drug use very seriously and even just smoking one joint is enough for them to be challenged at immigration and even not let in.

Michael Wildes who is a leading US immigration lawyer told the Daily Mail: “These young men have to be careful they are not deemed inadmissible to the USA.

“The basis of a determination to bar One Direction from admission into the USA would be any concessions that they make or proof that they engaged in unlawful conduct. Even the smoking of a single joint could have that effect”.

When Justin Bieber was found to be smoking marijuana he was held at Los Angeles airport for numerous hours before he was eventually let in the country.

Although the Peruvian police have come out today saying that they will not prosecute Louis and Zayn, they are incredibly unhappy with the way they behaved.

Senior Officer Ivan Valero, based in the Anti-Drugs Department of the Peruvian National Police explained: “What happened with the group is that they bought the drugs on the road. There are many places where these drugs are available and it wouldn’t have been hard for them to come by.

“Peru has large problems with drug trafficking and the fact that this group has publicised its use of drugs in our country is bad for our image.”

Although the police in Peru aren’t going to charge them, that still might not be enough to convince the US officials that they should be let in the country.

Are you worried that Louis and Zayn might not get into the USA for their ‘Where We Are’ tour gigs?

Louis Tomlinson’s Dad Thinks ‘Fame And Money Has Changed Him’ Following That Video

Yesterday was a shocking day in One Direction world.

The majority of fans were disappointed with the actions of Louis and Zayn, while those who aren’t fans took it as more ammunition to hate on the band because they are not being good role models.

Amongst some of the people being disappointed are Harry and James McVey from The Vamps.

But the one person who seems more upset about this than anyone else is Louis own dad Troy Austin.

He thinks fame has gone to his little boys head and he is worried that Louis and other members of the band could end up doing something a lot more serious or damaging to themselves.

Troy told the Mirror newspaper: “I’m worried for him. I do believe that being that famous will be taking its toll on them. I think everyone is concerned it could lead to other things.

“[Louis] said he would never get a tattoo because it was a scar and he would never smoke because it would damage his vocal cords. He’s gone the opposite way and I hope it doesn’t get worse. It seems the fame and money have changed him.”

Oh dear that’s not good!

Louis dad also thinks that the boys need to grow up a bit more.

He said: “It’s very childish. They need a serious talking to. I don’t agree with it but I smoked it too when I was younger.

“But you should never brag about it. He’s got to think of his fans.”

Do you agree with Louis dad? Has fame gone to the boys’ heads?