Niall James Horan, born (1993-09-13) 13 September 1993 (age 19), is from Mullingar, County Westmeath, Ireland. Born to mother Maura Gallagher and father Bobby Horan, he has an older brother named Greg. Their parents divorced when he was five. He and his brother lived between each of their homes for a few years before eventually deciding to live with their father in Mullingar. Horan was a pupil at Coláiste Mhuire, a boys’ Christian Brothers school. He was in the school choir, performing seasonally around Christmas.

Prior to participating in The X Factor, he performed around his homeland, including as a support act for Lloyd Daniels in Dublin. Horan has been playing guitar since his childhood. Horan has also stated that he is a “big swing” fan, citing favourite artists Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin and Michael Bublé.Horan also cites rock music favourably and is a fan of The Eagles, Bon Jovi and The Script.









9 thoughts on “Niall”

  1. fakaola said:

    ur so hot <3<3

  2. I Love Niall (: ❤

  3. Niall is my favorite!!! Oh oh ooh oh so put ur hands up Oh oh ooh oh cuz it’s a stand up…ITS SOOOO STUCK IN MY HEAD!!!!!


    i love you ❤

  5. Niall<3

  6. i love niall!!!!! so much!!! ❤

  7. kisavic said:

    niall you are the most beautiful guy i ever see!!!

  8. NIALL ❤

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