In the past few hours, pretty much every single news website on the internet has covered the story of Louis and Zayn smoking marijuana during a car journey.


The pair were seen in a video that has been leaked online and everything has blown up – Zayn and Louis have been trending worldwide on Twitter because of it.

In the video, which appears to be filmed by Louis on his phone, we see Zayn smoking weed while Louis performs a mock-documentary commentary.


No matter what you think about the incident, we can all agree that smoking weed on camera while in the biggest band in the world is not a good idea.

Take a look at the video below:

At first, you might be thinking “How do we know it’s definitely weed?”. Well, the boys say several things in there that 100% confirm it.

A few examples…

Talking on the video, Louis says: “So here we are, leaving Peru. Joint lit. Happy days… What do you think Zayn?”

He also says: “How is it Zayn?”

Zayn replies “Nice”, while Louis adds: “That’s the po po. One nil.”


Later on, Louis says: “F**king ‘ell bro, I’m chillin. Oh my God bro. My ‘ed’s a wreck. It’s green only! Nig!”

He adds:

I’m just wondering now. I’m sitting here in Peru wondering will this come back to me? Who knows? Maybe, maybe not.

Here in the future, we can confirm that yes Louis, it has come back to you.

A policeman then passes the car on a motorbike, and Louis jokes:

He’s having a look and he’s thinking I’m sure I can smell an illegal substance in there. And he’s hit the nail on the head.

Newspapers have confirmed that possession of up to 8g of marijuana for personal use is legal in Peru, where the video was filmed.

Meanwhile, Sugarscape claim that a 1D rep told them: “This matter is in the hands of our lawyers.”

Either way, things aren’t looking good for Louis and Zayn at the moment.